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Prevention as a Service 

by Bio Conscious Tech.

Our new forecasting algorithm uses Deep Learning to anticipate blood glucose (BG) levels in People with Diabetes.

Blood Glucose Forecasting

Our Deep Learning classification algorithm analyzes a Person with Diabetes’ blood glucose levels to evaluate glucose stability.

Insulin Dysregulation Detection

Our new analytical algorithm uses Deep Learning to forecast the occurrence of nocturnal hypoglycemia in People.

Forecasting Nocturnal Hypoglycemia

Insulin Dysregulation Detection

Prevention As a Service

Science Led

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Our new classification algorithm analyzes a patient’s full day of blood glucose values and determines whether they have good or poor insulin control. The method was developed using Deep Learning. 

Forecasting Nocturnal Hypoglecaemia

Our NHE model uses Machine Learning/Deep Learning to determine whether a nocturnal hypoglycemia event might occur. Using this model can help users avoid the possibility of dangerous lows during sleep.

Blood Glucose Forecasting

Our severe events model was developed as an additional safeguard layer on top of the BG prediction model. This model uses Machine Learning/Deep Learning to determines whether there will be a severe hypo or severe hyper in the next hour. Having this model ensures we don’t miss the probability of dangerous events. We tested this model on random patients.

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