Remote Monitor Your Patients. 

Prevent Complications.

Get paid. 

The endobits platform is your virtual clinic partner. We offer chronic care management and remote monitoring services. 

Endobits goes above and beyond by leveraging the power of blood pressure (BP), and continuous glucose (CGM) monitors to deliver a higher level of care for your patients. View your entire patient list organized based on clinically relevant events. Enjoy a worry-free setup and almost no maintenance.  

Smart Monitoring 
Trustworthy Insights
Automated Billing

Automatic prioritization of your patient list based on high-risk events.

All the data you need in one place. Updated in real-time. 

Endobits integrates with your practice management software.

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Within a week, endobits learns your patients’ individual health and lifestyle to understand their daily 

fluctuations and create a baseline of health

for each patient. 

Remote Monitor Your Patients, 

Easily access all the data you need for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) reimbursement. 

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endobits automatically identifies at-risk patients 


endobits automatically tracks treatment adherence 


endobits will automatically track required data to bill for RPM + CCM codes 

For Patients 

The endobits companion app helps with data collection and remote patient monitoring and care management.