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    Empowering Diabetes Care

    Implement Endobits for Faster, Efficient Patient Management at your practice.

    Are you struggling to monitor patient CGM data at your Practice?
    Too many diabetic patients to manage effectively
    Not enough clinical staff to manage the existing and forecast patient load
    Too much unconnected patient data which is not being reviewed
    Cumbersome charting, billing and coding process
    But there is a solution
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    We are a Pioneer in the CGM space and the leading SaaS diabetes care and management platform for clinics and medical offices.

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    athena | Endobits partner
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    athena | Endobits partner
    cerner | Endobits partner
    cliniko | Endobits partner
    ecw | Endobits partner
    hipaa | Endobits partner
    oscar | Endobits partner

    Prevention as a Service

    Automated Remote Patient Monitoring

    Foresee Diabetic EventsForesee Diabetic Events
    AI-Powered Decision SupportAI-Powered Decision Support
    CGM Device CompatibilityCGM Device CompatibilityCGM Device Logos
    Auto-Charting & BillingAuto-Charting & Billing
    EHR/EMR IntegrationEHR/EMR Integration
    Clinical Efficiency & Reduced Patient CostsClinical Efficiency & Reduced Patient Costs

    Bridging AI Engineering and Endocrinology for Clinician-Centric Innovation

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    Harnessing the power of AI-Based Machine Learning and creating one of the most powerful tools in the diabetes care category currently on the market

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    Intelligent Insights

    Providing clinicians with actionable recommendations tailored to patient's needs

    Enhanced Productivity

    Enabling clinicians to focus their time and expertise where it matters most - patient care.

    American Diabetes Association

    Empowering clinics to deliver high-quality, evidence-based care to their patients.

    From Clinic to Companion: Our Ecosystem Ensures Patients Stay Engaged

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    Endobits Companion App

    Offering patients personalized alerts, risk forecasts, and educational resources

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    Proactively forecast and inform your patients about potential diabetic risks with alerts


    Arm your patients with future knowledge of high risk complications


    Empower the patients to take control of their diabetes management

    Live Analytics to gain deeper insights

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    Loved by many

    Our users

    “The predictive high and low notifications are what I love.”
    “After a couple days of reading my data, the predictions were very accurate. Developers are responsive and helpful whenever I need to reach out to them for any reason. They are still refining the app, but it's already accurate and useful for helping me manage my type 1 and that of my kid.”
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