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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

AI-based Decision Support

Endobits now lets you review & unlock our AI Decision Support for patients (Requires Bluetooth enabled CGM Sensors).

Decision Support

Decision Support Features (DSF) include a series of notifications on future Blood Glucose estimates generated by the algorithm based on a previous CGM history. DSF helps patients make more informed decisions when managing their BGL.

How it works

Endobits will automatically calibrate a baseline for eligible patients. Once the baseline is ready, the provider can review the accuracy of the estimates over the testing period. If the provider is satisfied with the accuracy, they can enable the DSF for each patient for 2 weeks.

The DSF will require the the provider to check the patient's time-in-range (TIR) every two weeks. DSF will lock automatically if the patient's time in range drops or the provider does not review the patient's data.

DSF can be turned On or Off at any time after the software "Learning Period" is complete.

Turn on Decision Support Features (DSF)

  1. Go to the Review tab on the top menu (beside the search bar).

  2. Find the patient you want to enable DSF for in the Decision Support Reviews table.

  3. Once you are happy with the prediction accuracy, click "Enable for 2 weeks".

  4. The patient will now see estimates in the Endobits Companion App.

Turn Off DSF

  1. Go to the Review tab.

  2. Find the patient you want to disable in the "Completed" tab.

  3. If the patient is not in this table, then they do not have active estimates.

  4. The patient will no longer see estimates in the Endobits Companion App until you enable them.

Endobits Companion App upgraded!

The Companion App will now let your patient see their current BGL values along with DSF notifications (only if they have been unlocked by the provider). The UI has also been overhauled to give users a better experience all round.

Miscellaneous notes on Patient Chart

Misc. notes lets you jot down some information about a patient. Please do not use Misc. notes for storing dosage information or anything that could potentially cause harm if out dated.

To use them, go to the Patient Chart -> Side Menu dropdown -> Misc. Notes. Enter your note & click save.

Previously viewed Risk Events

Risk events on the patient chart side menu will now fade after they have been viewed by any user on your Endobits account.

Coming Soon: Look out for upcoming release which will extend this to the Dashboard too

Edit patient information

Endobits now lets you make changes to the patient's basic information such as Date of Birth or Diabetes type. To do so:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Workspace.

  2. Find the patient you want.

  3. Click Edit & make the your changes.

  4. Click Save.

Bug fixes & improvements

  1. More frequent time-stamping calls to track how long each patient was viewed.

  2. Improved Error messages during Excel upload.

  3. More automated tests to ensure reliability.

  4. Improved server error logs.


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