Endobits Release 3.5.0

New Features

  1. Introducing a new single menu on the patient profile to combine the Options Menu & Change Category Menu.

  2. You can now change a patient's category by selecting the Menu and change the Risk Category

  3. Users can now change the time frame of the RPM report

  4. To get an RPM report, go to the patient profile > Menu > Download RPM Report

  5. Users can now share notes with other practitioners on their account

  6. To use this feature go to patient profile > Menu > Comments. Anything added here will be shared with other Endobits users on your account.

  7. Addition of Patient CGM connection status

  8. Do not include inactive when showing time in ranges

  9. This can be toggled on/off in the Settings Menu > Account Settings > Time in range calculations

Bug Fixes

  1. Stopped the Terms of Service from blocking the onboarding demo

  2. Search bar now works even if the patient does not have a date of birth set

  3. Improved alarms on backend to catch out of memory error

  4. Fixed 500 error when token is missing

  5. Fixed status codes when in Freeview mode


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