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Endobits Version 4.5.0

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Logging work on a patient’s chart

When navigating away from a Patient Chart, Endobits will now prompt you to enter the time you spent on a patient’s chart, the action you performed & how many billable minutes this included.

You will see this prompt after you have viewed a patient & then navigated to either another patient using the arrows, or another screen (such as the Dashboard)

Filtering patients since last viewed (clearing risk events)

You can now filter patients on your Dashboard based on risk events since the most recent work log entry.

To get started, first add a work log entry. Then on your Dashboard set “Risk event timeframe” to “Last viewed”.

Filtering by your patient group vs all patients

You will now find a switch on your Dashboard side menu to toggle between viewing only your patients or all patients in your clinic.

Viewing patients with data loss

Endobits will now show a dot notification on the Viewing dropdown if you have patients who are missing data for more than 24 hours.

When you open the dropdown the total number is shown beside "No data" option.

Finally, after you select the "No data" option, the filter description will update & you will see only patients with no recent data.

Viewing patients with other connection issues

For all other connection issue, patient’s are placed under the "Setup issue" viewing option.

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