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Endobits Version 4.4.1

Updated: Jul 25

Billing improvements

Generating a Billing Report just got easier. You can now search for a patient or even easier jump from their Chart to Billing, via the side menu. If you no longer want this patient in the report, you can now delete the row.

View patient consent

You can now view your patient's consent directly in Endobits. To do so, navigate to the Manage Workspace tab in the Settings menu. Find the patient you want in the "Manage Patients" table and under the action column menu, click Consent.

New actions menu for managing patients

The Manage patients table now lets you view consent, jump to billing, edit contact information and archive them, all located in the new actions menu.

Patient group filtering

Your Dashboard now lets you view all patients on your Endobits account or only your patient group.

Last person to view a patient

The patient card on your Dashboard will now show the initials of the last practitioner to view the patient.

Digital BAA

Endobits now supports signing the required BAA directly in the platform. Not applicable if you have signed a printed copy.

New Testing Matrix

We have upgraded our testing libraries to catch issues before they are released.

Miscellaneous Updates

Increased Screen Size Responsiveness. Fixed the UI bug that caused the top menu text to spill out on medium sized screens.


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