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Welcome to Endobits!

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in Endobits.

 This page will walk you through the process of setting up Endobits and explain a bit more about how using Endobits can help make managing your diabetes a little bit easier. 

Step 1

Click sign up in the top menu and fill out the form. 
You will then receive and email asking you to verify your account.

Click the link in the email to verify your account.
You will then be logged in automatically to the Endobits dashboard.


If you already have a account, navigate to the Endobits homepage.

Enter your email, agree to the terms & privacy policy and you will be sent a login  link.

Click the link in the email and you will be logged in.

Step 2


When you first log into Endobits, you will be on the main dashboard. Since no Diabits users have been linked to your account yet, it will look like this. You will need to invite your patients on the settings page, located on the top right side of the menu.

Step 3


In settings, click "Invites" to invite your patients to Endobits. Here, you can invite Diabits users individually, or upload an excel sheet with all the emails you want to invite. 

Once you have sent your invitations, ask your patients to accept in the Endobits Companion app. 

In the meantime, let's set up your priority groups.

Step 4


In settings, click "Risk events" to set your priority groups. 

Here you can set the values you want for your high priority group. The high priority group will appear at the top of your dashboard each day. 

Step 5


Once your first patient accepts your invitation, you can start reviewing their data. 

Click on the Endobits logo in the top left to return to the dashboard. High priority patients are shown here. You can also sort patients alphabetically by clicking on the drop down menu.

To learn more about what each symbol means, click on the information icon beside it. 

Click on the card to view the person's details. 

Step 6

exposure summary.PNG

This is the details screen. On the left you will see your patient's profile. They will need to input this information in the Endobits Companion app.

The Exposure Summary is where you will find important metrics like time in range, variability, and time connected to CGM.

High risk events are a summary events that have happened since the patient’s last appointment. It shows the date and type of event.


Scroll down to see more of your patient's data. 

notes and insights.PNG


Here you can view insights from your patient’s data since the last appointment. Insights tell you the most important patterns and information. Your patient can leave you notes through the Endobits Companion app that you can view in Endobits.


The Daily Trends graph shows blood glucose levels during one day. The red and yellow lines bound the healthy range of glucose levels. Anything above the yellow line is high and anything below the red line is low. 

High risk events including overnight lows, severe lows, and prolonged highs will be highlighted on the graph. When the patient has inputted insulin, food, or exercise data, you will see this as an icon on the graph.

Scroll down to select the day you would like to view from the calendar.

historical trends.PNG

Historical Trends allows you to compare metrics between appointments. You can see how much each metric has increased or decreased since the last time you met with your patient. 


The Glucose-Insulin Report represents the time your patient spent in the healthy range during the week and on weekends. The dark blue line in the middle is the average glucose value throughout the day (represented on the left axis). The area surrounding it shows the 25th to 75th percentile, and the light blue area farthest from the trend line shows the 10th to 90th percentile.

Insulin events appear as bars at the bottom of the graph (represented on right axis)

Step 7







Once all your patients have accepted, you can view them all on the dashboard. Click on each patient's card to view their details. 

Congratulations! You have completed the Endobits setup demo. If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your account, send us an email.

It's easy to get started. And your first 14 days are free.

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