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About Endobits

Knowledge is Power

especially when treating chronic conditions.

If patients and healthcare providers are equipped with the insights and information to manage a disease proactively rather than reactively, it saves time, money, and resources for everyone, and dramatically improves health outcomes.

With Endobits, healthcare providers have a centralized dashboard for remote patient monitoring, which automatically delivers daily analytics reports customized for each patient.


That’s why Endobits was created. This innovative web portal was designed in collaboration with physicians and certified diabetes educators (CDEs) to address challenges shared by medical professionals around the world, such as high demand and limited resources.

The Endobits platform, and Diabits, are products of Bio Conscious Technologies Inc (Bio Conscious). Since its establishment in 2015, Bio Conscious has played an active role in using machine learning (ML) for disease detection and prevention. By leveraging the predictive power of ML, the company’s mission is prevention through prediction, to keep people healthy for longer using a proprietary preventive as a service software technology.

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